• Durham Lumiere 2021



Durham, United Kingdom

Kari Kola, the acclaimed Finnish artist known for illuminating world heritage sites, unveils his latest site-specific creation at Finchale Priory. This remarkable commission draws inspiration from the intriguing life of St. Godric.

Having originated as a 12th-century extension of Durham Cathedral, Finchale Priory stands on the grounds of St. Godric's hermitage and once served as a serene retreat for the monks of Durham. Kola found profound inspiration in the tale of Godric's secluded existence, delving into themes of solitude, resilience, forbearance, and tranquility. The result is an evocative and captivating installation, complemented by a mesmerizing soundscape composed by Sylvain Moreau, which pays homage to Godric's unique music.

Music / Sound Design / Mix : Sylvain MOREAU

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