• live interactive performance


Encounters is a participatory video installation directed by Belén L.Yáñez produced by Plutonyka. I play music live with Miguel De Lis (piano) using my modular synthesizer upgraded with movement sensors. The idea is to create music and soundscape following the encounter taking place on the screen and "directed" by the audience live. Everyone acting or watching is wearing headphones for a more intimate and immersive experience.

Audiences are invited to establish a dialogue with each other using their hands and interact through the sense of touch. This live interaction is projected onto the installation space and accompanied with live music which enhances the performative experience.

By getting participants to focus on their hands, we are able to foster an empathic behaviour between people who may not share the same cultural background nor have the same physical appearance, and therefore promote a dialogue between them.

‘Encounters’ will generate a real connection between people and the community they live in. Get them to engage at a personal level with their community, borough, council and country.

Music / Performance : Sylvain MOREAU & Miguel DE LIS

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