Mutant Bassdrum

I'm using kick drums alot.. well who doesn't but for soundtracks it is not that obvious. I love to have a kick ready at all time even for orchestral music. Some orchestral drums cna be very dramatic epic or powerfull but they can be sometimes to rich and miss the simple basic punch that an analog kick can deliver. So i can end up HP my orchestral drums and leave an 808 kick below. So i bought this Mutant Bassdrum DIY. Demo sounds were good and controls on the panel interesting although already i knew a feature is missing. For me it is really important to have an attack know on my kick. I often want to slower the attack to avoid to many transient. Then "Tone" on this module allow that a little but not enough for my use. I really want to have slow attacks that can sound like a woosh of kick. For soundtrack it's very useful. Anyway i decided to build it andsee if using it iwht an AD enveloppe is possible.

There's not much to say about the order because THONK is really efficient and it is a full kit. The hexinverter documentation is nice.. could use more pictures but again it's an easy kit. The knobs are not included.. and i missed that part so i have to do a second order for this.


Again nothing difficult in this kit or maybe i'm getting better at soldering. Everything you need can be found here : http://www.hexinverter.net/mutant-bassdrum/

It's only about making sure for polaritys nothing more. you can finish the module in 5hours. I couldn't find Hi Rez pictures so here is mine.

Mutant Bassdrum PCB

In my kit the "long PIN female header were missing so i had to use these black headers that you can cut instead. Works fine.
mutant Bassdrum side


I'm very happy with the sound. I love the 808 type of sound. For classical electronic bassdrum this kit is very good. For my use it is ok but again i miss an attack knob. The Decay is good but the curve could be better. Using the little screw on the side you can set the maximum decay you want. But you don't really have super looooong insane trap decay... i guess you should make your kick with an OSC and crazy long decay then... and from 0 to 40% nothing much happen and then it's getting long decay very fast and from 60 to 100 it's almost the same.

Mutant Bassdrum Panel

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