330 mètres sous les mers

There are more people who have walked on the surface of the Moon than people who have dived below a depth of 800 feet. Pascal Bernabé is one of them.

In 1996, still unknown to the public, he accepts to dive 577 feet deep to bring back two robots trapped in a cave. The mission is a success. But Pascal wants more, he becomes addicted to ultra-deep diving. Soon, he makes a new successful attempt to go below 660 feet. Dive after dive, with the precious help of friends who join him in his passion, Pascal tries to go deeper and deeper. Ultimately, after years of training, he breaks the world record with a depth of 1083 feet.

Music / Sound Design / Mix : Sylvain MOREAU

This movie was very inspiring for the soundtrack. The human chalenge, the stories of men pushing the limits and what goes on in their head as they put their life at risk. Music was done in a couple of weeks use a lot of analog synthesizer specialy the Omega 8 with a sherman filter. The colaboration with Wilfried Lasbleiz (guitars) and Agathe Jeannoutot (voice) added a very magical touch to the soundtrack that still after all those years stands as something very special to my heart.

Laurent Mini who directed the movie brought good ideas for the sound and music but also knew how to leave me a lot of space to experiment making it all a very creative and special project for me.

Selected tracks from the original soundtrack featuring Agathe Jeannoutot & Wilfried Lasbleiz

  1. Ouverture Sylvain Moreau 1:47
  2. Spéléo Sylvain Moreau 2:58
  3. Vaucluse Sylvain Moreau 2:33
  4. Obsession Sylvain Moreau 1:42
  5. David Sylvain Moreau 1:49
  6. Record Sylvain Moreau 8:27
  7. Inspection Sylvain Moreau 1:15
  8. Inspection 2 Sylvain Moreau 1:23
  9. Dahab Sylvain Moreau 1:19
  10. Duo Sylvain Moreau 4:06
  11. I Dive (Feat. Agathe Jeannoutot) Sylvain Moreau 1:30
  12. Dahab EP edit sylvain moreau 3:07

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