Collison presents how a worldwide increase in shipping traffic is threatening our oceans, its inhabitants and the planet and focuses on the grossly under-reported issue of fatal ship strikes on whales, a threat which is endangering their very existence. With the exception of only a couple of species, the populations of most large whales have yet to return to the levels of the pre-hunting years. Many large species are sadly at risk of never recovering. Today, whales face many threats including acoustic pollution, which affects their communications, entanglement with ghost nets and a lack of food, as humans all over the world compete for fish and krill. As if all the above wasn’t enough, ship strikes have become one of the main causes of death for large cetaceans and the leading cause of some populations disappearing.

Sound Design: Sylvain MOREAU

Apple TV

Director : Philip Hamilton

Year : 2023

Lenght : 90 minutes

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