L’espace, un nouveau champ de bataille.

  • L’Espace devient un terrain d’affrontement entre les nations.

    L’espace, un nouveau champ de bataille.

Space has become a battleground between nations, a new territory where terrestrial geopolitical rivalries are played out. The latest event in this regard occurred in November 2021 when Russia fired a missile from the ground, destroying a defunct Russian satellite and posing a threat to the International Space Station.

Shows of force, espionage, harassment—tensions have been escalating out of sight for the past 15 years. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States competed in this arena. China has since confirmed that the challenge to American dominance is now also taking place in space. The Star Wars of the Cold War did not happen, but the specter of a space conflict now looms over our heads.

Music / Sound Design / Mix : Sylvain MOREAU

Broadcast : ARTE - RTS - RSI - RTBF

Directors : Véronique Préault & Damien Vercaemer

Aithor : Véronique Préault

Year : 2022

Lenght : 52 minutes

  1. From the stars Sylvain MOREAU 2:06
  2. Kessler's Syndrom Sylvain MOREAU 2:47
  3. Alignments Sylvain MOREAU 2:49
  4. Robots Sylvain MOREAU 2:49
  5. Too far Sylvain MOREAU 2:48
  6. Secteur 5 Sylvain MOREAU 2:25
  7. Off sight Sylvain MOREAU 2:37
  8. Contre temps Sylvain MOREAU 2:44
  9. Géopolitique Sylvain MOREAU 3:42
  10. Basements Sylvain MOREAU 2:34
  11. Obscure B Sylvain MOREAU 3:37
  12. Enjeux Sylvain MOREAU 3:15
  13. Damoclès Sylvain MOREAU 2:26
  14. Obscure A Sylvain MOREAU 3:02
  15. Brèche Sylvain MOREAU 2:40
  16. Earthshine Sylvain MOREAU 1:32
  17. Marche Sylvain MOREAU 6:14
  18. In suspension Sylvain MOREAU 4:11
  19. Hard game Sylvain MOREAU 4:03
  20. Space Wars – End Credits Sylvain MOREAU 1:12

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