Les Webcolocs

Back in 2007 i did music sound and mix for "Les Webcolocs" a crazy 100x3min that i loved so much. The enery, the actors, the stories and the team were amazing.

When i look back at some episodes i really think this should have been an internet hit.. but maybe at the time it was to early. Anyway i had so much fun doing many different musics for this series from broadway, action SyFi to german electro backroom styles. But this episode is China Kung Fu.

Music / Sound Recording / Sound Design / Mix : Sylvain MOREAU

Production: Cie des Taxi-Brousse, Laurent Mini

Scenario: Cédric Vagnères, Gianluca Matarrese

Réalisation: Michel Duchemin, Cédric Vagnières,

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