Lune – Le huitième continent

  1. 1,3 secondes lumière lp 3:44
  2. Un grand pas 4:52
  3. Timezone 2:46
  4. Depuis la lune 1:57
  5. La course 4:17
  6. Bureaux 1:26
  7. Pas de lune 2:28
  8. Robots 2:49
  9. 1961 4:12
  10. Secret 1:29
  11. 1,3 secondes lumière - CALM 4:54
  12. Aitken basin 5:00
  13. 1961 MAIN 3:33
  14. Lovell & Haise 1:10
  15. Apogée 3:34
  16. Deuxieme orbite 2:36
  17. Enjeux 3:15
  18. Geopol - PIANO 3:42
  19. Geopol - END CREDIT 0:55
  20. Et au delà 3:01

While no man has set foot on its surface since 1972, the Moon is once again exerting its power of attraction over major nations. After the United States announced its return to the race in 2017 under President Trump, Russia, China, and India have recently landed rovers on the Moon, and the European, Japanese, and Brazilian space agencies have flown over it.

This interest has also spread among a handful of private investors. Startups like Astrobotic and ambitious billionaires such as Elon Musk (SpaceX), Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic), and Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) are determined to turn the celestial body into a new economic space.

Beyond the knowledge that future explorations on the Moon can provide, the ongoing programs, highly strategic in nature, aim to secure superpower status for newcomers like China, which plans to send its first taikonauts there by 2036. Another significant advantage of our natural satellite is that its gravity is six times weaker than that of Earth, requiring forty times less energy to take off. This makes the Moon an ideal stopover for future manned missions to Mars.

Music / Sound Design / Mix : Sylvain MOREAU

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