Les Beaux Parleurs


    Les Beaux Parleurs

At one of Paris’s top lycées, a group of students and their French teacher are organizing an eloquence competition.
The subject, “O rage, o despair, o inimical elite,” parodies a line from Corneille to question the idea of elitism – a rank that defines these students despite themselves.
Young people discovering the power of rhetoric and the techniques of verbal persuasion articulate their vision of the world and question their intellectual training. They are at a pivotal moment in their education, nearing the end of a cycle.
The ideas and journeys of these enlightened youth bespeak the adults they are becoming.

I did the sound design and mix for this project in 5.1
The driving idea was to infuse the film with a choral notion throughout the film. Speech took center stage, with all characters actively engaging, participating, and debating. A symphony of voices created unity, offering unique perspectives and emotional depth.

Film by : Gianluca Matarrese

Original music : Cantautoma

Produced : Bellota Films

Mix / Sound Design : Sylvain MOREAU

France Télévisions / CNC / Procirep-Angoa

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