... not all but some

Gémeaux 2016 Best original music

award for best original soundtrack for the movie Last of the elephant men. INFORMACTION 2016

SUPER HEROS – la face cachée

8x26 episodes about extreme sport. Le 5eme Rêve 2016

Films & Companies 2015 : Best music

Award for best original soundtrack Music & Company 2015 Music / Sound / Mix 11em DISTRICT 2014

4 Elements – White Night Melbourne

Monumental Video Mapping with Virtual Dancers Melbourne, Australia. OCUBO 2015

The voyage of the continents 2

5x52 season 2 of the voyage of the continents telling the animated story of the genesis of our continents. La CIE DES TAXI-BROUSSE 2014

Best album rock 2013 – Skip The Use

skip the use first album : producing keybloads and synths. POLYDOR 2012

Arco de luz – Terreiro do Paço

Half a million people in 10 nights, Arch of Light broke new frontiers in the video mapping production. OCUBO 2013

Stanislas – album

Producing the 4th album for Stanislas : "Ma solitude". POLYDOR 2013

330 mètres sous les mers

52min There are more people who have walked on the surface of the Moon than people who have dived below a depth of 800 feet. Pascal Bernabé is one of them. LA CIE DES TAXI-BROUSSE 2012

Les Webcolocs

100x3min Fiction serie about 3 guys living together with only one computer. LA CIE DES TAXI-BROUSSE 2009

Open Your Eyes

Melbourne White Night. OCUBO 2016

UC 725: A History of Light

Coimbra University. OCUBO 2015

A Midsummer Night’s Light

Video Mapping with Virtual Dancer Eugénio de Almeida FORUM, Évora, Portugal. OCUBO 2013

4 Elements – LUMINA

Multimedia Show with 360º Video Mapping and light installation Cascais, Portugal 2014

The voyage of the continents 1

5X52min The collection of reference on the history of the Earth and its continents. 2012

Thierry Marx – Un chef sans frontières

Thierry Marx s’adonne à la cuisine avec une ferveur presque religieuse. Julie Andrieu Production 2011

The City of My Dreams

The City of My Dreams Participative Video Mapping Amsterdam, OCUBO 2012

The Garden of My Dreams

Participative Video Mapping on Rothschild House, Jerusalem. OCUBO 2013

De la romance – album

De la romance - tracks production

The Light of Love

Historical and Monumental Video Mapping Alcobaça, Portugal. OCUBO 2015

Our Square

Monumental Video Mapping 3D Show Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon, Portugal OCUBO 2013

Twice Upon a Time

Twice Upon a Time. OCUBO 2013