330 mètres sous les mers

There are more people who have walked on the surface of the Moon than people who have dived below a depth of 800 feet. Pascal Bernabé is one of them.

In 1996, still unknown to the public, he accepts to dive 577 feet deep to bring back two robots trapped in a cave. The mission is a success. But Pascal wants more, he becomes addicted to ultra-deep diving. Soon, he makes a new successful attempt to go below 660 feet. Dive after dive, with the precious help of friends who join him in his passion, Pascal tries to go deeper and deeper. Ultimately, after years of training, he breaks the world record with a depth of 1083 feet.

But Pascal is not alone. Since the 1960s, scientists, industries and divers have worked hand in hand to explore man’s ability to reach extreme depths. In this quest for the unknown, the risks are huge: high-pressure nervous syndrome and narcosis can often lead to death. As men try to go where no one else has gone, not everyone survives

Find out how one ordinary man, Pascal Bernabé, ended up becoming the deepest diver in the world. Share the extreme experiences of this handful of men who have pushed the boundaries of ultra-deep diving, sometimes at the cost of their lives.

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