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DSI Tempest BD1 / sysex Download (not audio)

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Tempest Bass Drums 1 craft-made for DSI Tempest.
All audio demos below are played live and recorded out of the box. I did use some long wires resulting in heavy electrical noise sorry for that.

  1. TEMPEST BD01 - BD FeedbacKiss SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:11
  2. TEMPEST BD01 - -24 mETAL sm Sylvain MOREAU 0:11
  3. TEMPEST BD01 - BD Tight Sampl 2 SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:10
  4. TEMPEST BD01 - BD High Peak 2 SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:08
  5. TEMPEST BD01 - BD High Peak SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:07
  6. TEMPEST BD01 - BD In Tune SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:07
  7. TEMPEST BD01 - BD Mate Hard SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:07
  8. TEMPEST BD01 - BD Mutant HEX SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:05
  9. TEMPEST BD01 - BD Peak Sampl2 SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:10
  10. TEMPEST BD01 - bd Peak sample SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:05
  11. TEMPEST BD01 - BD Resotto SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:08
  12. TEMPEST BD01 - BD Soft Bump SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:07
  13. TEMPEST BD01 - BD Tek Hard SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:08
  14. TEMPEST BD01 - BD The Hex 2 SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:09
  15. TEMPEST BD01 - BD Tight Modern 3 SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:10
  16. TEMPEST BD01 - BD TR-55 one SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:07
  17. TEMPEST BD01 - BD TR-Clone Sylvain MOREAU 0:07
  18. TEMPEST BD01 - BD Accoustek SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:07
  19. TEMPEST BD01 - BD Cinematic low 2 SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:14
  20. TEMPEST BD01 - BD Cinematiq Low SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:16
  21. TEMPEST BD01 - BD Fast Short 1 SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:10
  22. TEMPEST BD01 - BD Hard Bump SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:11
  23. TEMPEST BD01 - BD Hard elektro SM Sylvain MOREAU 0:08

What is this ?

For years I’ve been using the tempest loving it’s analog sound. Using analog versus samples is good when you start to mess around with settings. But later I started to add digital oscilators for extra flavours on transients or noise but always combine them with analog filter or waveforms to keep some punch. In this first DSI Tempest BD1 you will find all the 41 best kicks I used for years.

Safety first :

if you don’t have enough space and load some sysex you might end up deleting your banks without noticing it.

Sound advice :

For best result use the kicks on dedicated output channel. If not on a dedicated channel I found the Tempest could reset some envelopes poorly when they are shared with other sounds (?) and mess with the transients. When using the kicks on dedicated channels make sure the longest envelope (normally the Amp) is not longer than your shortest repetition. If it is again the attacks might be alterate a little bit. Best is when possible to use a kick you like with a long and a short version watch the video below about this.

Don’t hesitate to shape your sound with enveloppes fitler or osc3/4 flavours. But watch out on the feedback. It’s a tricky guy that changes your sound if the mixer level is high and Pan is Left (look for the signal path in Tempest manual to understand why) Also feedack always seems an easy tool to get more bottom in the sound.. but also will mess with transient and punch with not always best results. I got the best kicks when I started to reduce my usage of Feedback.

I used all imaginable tricks (that works) oscillators, resonant filters, exp/lin envelopes, simple to complex matrix architecture and some I found after programming for years on this machine. For this reason some preset might be a bit complicated and moving one parameter will mess up the entire sound. But i’m confident you can have the best kick sounds for this drum machine out of the box and study them to learn and create your owns. Please don’t share or resale these files. That helps me to do and share more sysex for the Tempest (currently working on releaseng the Snares and sound design..) But please share your music and comment in the comment section !

What format ?

All sounds are independent Sysex files. This is not an audio product. These are presets that you can import in your DSI Tempest. Please use MIDI tool to import it int your Tempest ( import sysex in tempest Tutorial) and that your DSI Tempest is up to date and calibrated. The sounds will load directly in the PAD selected in the Tempest (not in the internal banks). You then need to manually save it to your prefered location within your Tempest folder.


I had some issue with Paypal on my website so I had to remove the option until it’s fixed. If you can’t use credit card and just want to use Paypal please PM me at in the contact page and I will send you the infos. Sorry for that.

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