... aside from acoustic instruments, a huge orchestral library, electronic and rock instruments, i use analog hardware, 5U and Eurorack modular system with home made synthesizers. This allows a wide range of sounscapes from minimalist noisy universes to massive epic orchestral meltdown.


Culture Vulture mastering edition / stéréo tube distortion fromThermionic Culture

2x U67 tube microphone

2 x ez1073 neve preamp/EQ

OTO Biscuit / 8bit crusher & analog filter

OMEGA8 / analog polyphonic synth from Studio Electronic

TEMPEST / analog drum from Dave Smith

MS10 / analog mono synthesizer from Korg

QSP44 / 5U modular synthesizer from Syntehsizers.com

Farfisa vip 202r / vintage organ + beatbox + amp

MASCHINE mk2 + toutes les extensions

RME Fireface UC

2x D550 Roland

APC20 / controler for Live by Akaï

Dual 1176LN / 1176 based stereo compressor

AD2044 / stereo compressor from Avalon

AD2055 / stereo EQ from Avalon

Sherman Filterbank2 / anlog dual filter from Sherman

focal 6Be / monitors main

Yamaha MSP5 + SW10 sub / monitors second

Rode NT-V / mic

PG1000 Roland


Nuendo 7 & toutes les extensions.

Protools 11

Live 9 + max for live

GRM tools complete 3

Komplete 11

Maschine / (all NI extentions) NI

Tsar1 reverb / Softube

Spring Reverb, Tube Delay, Amp feedback / Softube

Vintage Compessors / NI

Superior Drummer (full! banks+midi+presets)

Speakerphone 2

NUGEN audio all

VOXENGO curve+gliss/EQ

micro Tonic Sonic Charge

Sample Modeling (Full!)

Wivi (full!)

Amplitube 1&2

Alchemy full Camel Audio

Omnisphere 2 / Spectrasonics

Reverberate Liquid Sonics

pianoteq pro

Fabfilter (full!)

Diva uHe

Zebra uHe

Zebra HZ uHe

EURORACK modular

PHONOGENE make noise

ECHOPHON make noise

ERBE-VERB make nosie

MS-812 Alyseum

MUTAMIX intellijel

Pingable envelope generator 4ms

mutant bass drum Hexinverter

mutant HiHats Hexinverter

Braids Mutable instruments

ELEMENTS Mutable instruments

CLOUDS Mutable instruments

ES-3 Expert Sleepers

5U modular

DOTCOM Q106 VCO (x3)

DOTCOM Q161  asc mix (x1)

MOTM 300 (x2)


SN voice Thomas henry (x1)

DOTCOM Q150 VCF (x1)

DOTCOM Q107 VCF (x1)

MOTM 440 VCF (x1)


ARP 4072 LP (x1)

MOTM 420 ms20 filter (x1)

Dualutility LFO CGS (x1)

Noise filter Oakley (1x)

Deep Equinoxe Oakley (x1)

DOTCOM Q109 Envelope (x4)

DOTCOM Q108 amplifer (x4)

DOTCOM Q113 mixer (x1)

DOTCOM Q112 mixer (x1)

DOTCOM Q118 instr interface (x1)

DOTCOM  Q124 multiples (x4)

DOTCOM Q125 signal proc (x1)


MOTM 380 quad lfo (x1)

DOTCOM Q105 slew limiter (x1)

freq shifter ENCORE ELECTRONICS (x1)

DOTCOM Q130 clipper


BASS BONGO 4 - musicman

fender EMG

4 ukuleles (2 concerts / 1 tenor / 1 tenor 8 cordes)

2x 22" frame drum Meinl

chimes Meinl

Melodion M37 Suzuki

flutes à Bec lutherie / sopranino / soprane / alto /tenor /basse

Cromornes soprane / tenor / basse


Vienna Symphonic Library extended

LA Scoring Strings 2 Full + Sordino

Tonehammer library (full!)

8DIO library (full!)

ADAGIO strings (full!)

Requiem choir extended

Liberis choir pro

Sonokinetic library (full!)

HZ01 spitfire audio


Guitar Complete Bundle / Ilya Efimov


Beat Box Anthology

Brass Super Section

Deep Trance Techno

Distorted Reality 1&2

Hip Hop Nation

London Orechestral Percussion


Project Sam True Strike 2


Robots & Computers

Tape 808